As the name suggests, Outlast is designed to fulfill any of your sleep desires in terms of comfort and luxury. It derives its name from the Outlast fibre used in its manufacturing. Outlast fibre was first designed by NASA for their moon landing programme. It is decked with the excellent qualities of absorbing, storing and releasing heat in the form of latent heat to maintain overall body temperature.


● NASA designed Outlast fibre to regulate heat
● Pressure relieving Visco elastic memory foam on top
● Luxurious High Resilience Foam at base
● Free of odors, environmental friendly and breathable

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Envelopes the spine in a gentle yet firm manner

Pressure relieving material for restful sleep

Recognised by leading chiropractors

Supported and well ventilated Bonnell springs

Anti-microbial mattress for proper toddler care

Good and safe night’s rest guaranteed

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