Ortho Latex LX

Ortho Latex LX is made with 7 Zone 100% Latex on top of high density Orthobond foam as core providing firm support to body. High performance graphene fabric with GX technology is used. The 7 Zones created by the zonal latex provide optimum support and comfort adjusting to the different pressures exerted by different body parts.

● Zonal 100% latex layer is used on top to give varied comfort levels
● Exclusive heat dissipation and distribution features
● Free of odors, environmentally safe and breathable
● Works on pressure points to provide complete relief from stress
● Use of Graphene fabric with non-toxic, non-cytotoxic and anti-allergic qualities

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Envelopes the spine in a gentle yet firm manner

Pressure relieving material for restful sleep

Recognised by leading chiropractors

Supported and well ventilated Bonnell springs

Anti-microbial mattress for proper toddler care

Good and safe night’s rest guaranteed

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