What's your sleep animal?

November 10, 2021

Knowing what sleep animal you are can be vital to your health!

Every person has a different biological clock – dictating mood, productivity and energy at different times of the day.

Knowing your sleep chronotype or animal will tell you what time of the day is best for different tasks, and help you achieve the best results.

To get the best sleep that suits your sleep animal and sleep style, explore Eclipse’s luxury mattresses.

  • Awake by sunrise
  • Needs 8 hours of sleep
  • Benefits from a 20 minute afternoon nap
  • Most productive between 10AM to 12PM
  • Earliest to bed and early to rise
  • Completes their day's planning by 7:30AM
  • Wakes up with tons of energy but exhausted by evening
  • Has a hard time waking up early
  • Most energetic in the evenings
  • Does their best thinking at night
  • Struggles to wake up AND fall asleep
  • Tired all day
  • Wired in the evening
  • Needs meditation or yoga to switch off from work and sleep

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