The Right Time To Find A New Mattress

November 24, 2019
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Many people experience the effects of a bad/incomplete sleep on next day but many of us fail to recognize what’s the reason behind it. Among many others, it could be your worn out mattress that expired long back and you haven’t realized yet.

Every night a human body releases at least half-a-pint bodily fluids and one kilogram of dead skin cells annually and trust us, you don’t want to sleep in this mess more than 7 years. Any Chiropractor recommends to change your mattress within 7 years and that what we will recommend too as our mattresses are designed on the same recommendations.

Now check your mattress for any such problems and find whether it is time to change your mattress or not. Here are a few pointers on which you should embark your investigation:

  • If your mattress is already 7-year old, change it without a second thought, go for something you need according to your new bodily needs.
  • If there is a dent in your mattress of your body, it is definitely a warning sign that you should change your mattress with a new plush one.
  • If your spine doesn’t get aligned properly when you lie on the mattress, change it without a second thought. How new or old doesn’t matter.
  • Check wear and tear on the comfort layers. If you sleep better on a hotel mattress or at your friend’s place, may be it is time to get a recommendation for mattress.
  • If you wake up stiff or sore in the morning, it is a sign that your mattress is contributing to pain rather than working on the stress points.
  • If you gained or lost weight during a certain duration, it might have affected your mattress and hence you may want to revisit Eclipse Showroom to get a new mattress.

As an informed sleeper, if you suspect any of these signs or warnings on your mattress, give our showroom a visit and know more. Don’t adjust to discomfort rather take a step to eclipse bad or incomplete sleep.

Thank you for the read.


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