Memory Foam vs Latex Foam

October 12, 2021
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Memory foam and latex mattresses are often compared to each other- both are layered foam beds that provide adequate posture support.

If you are headed towards mattress shopping, here’s an easy summary of their differences to help you make the right choice. Remember there’s no one mattress that is perfect for everyone! Consider sleeping preferences, comfort needs as well as likes and dislikes before making a decision.

Psst, remember that you can also have the best of both memory foam and natural latex in one mattress!

Memory Foam

Latex Foam


Conforms and contours the exact shape of the sleeper - with slow recovery time. Excellent for joint pain relief!
Compresses and bounces, and only conforms to the general impressions that the body makes.

Motion Transfer

Isolates motion and prevents movement transfer. Great for couples!
Springy and bouncy, and instantly responsive! Great for those who prefer a more resistant and firm surface

Temperature Sensitivity

Higher heat retention for responsiveness and body cradling.
Porous and promotes airflow. Smooth and cool feeling to the skin.

Environmental Impact

Manufactured poly foam that is naturally hypoallergenic. Also more affordable!
The best latex comes straight from rubber trees and is eco-friendly and highly durable. Check the origin!

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