Good Sleep Makes Better Athletes

March 24, 2020
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We have commonly heard “better performance ensures the winning of the match”. Be it any sport, the sportsperson’s mind should be able to think in all directions. With a sound mind the person is inbound to make better decisions.

To have a sound mind, quality sleep is very much needed. Good quality sleep meets the physical and mental demands of a person. We are going to explore how a good sleep can enhance decision making on the field in this blog.

According to the Sports Medicine Journal “sleep and athletic performance is interrelated”. They conducted a study where footballers and judo athletes slept less which decreased their power during anaerobic cycling tests. With disturbed sleeping cycles. The fine skills of any sports person diminishes. Similarly, weightlifters lost their power due to restricted hours of sleep. On the other hand, Basketball players who slept for 10 hours had shooting accuracy. These studies stated that sleep plays a critical role in helping athletes to build their mental and physical strength.

According to the London Sports Institute, “sleep secretes hormones help to restore the body physiologically”. Reduced inflammation is activated by melatonin while other hormones released during sleep works to build, repair muscles and oxidize fats.

In addition to it, an article published by the United States Olympic Committee in 2016 states the importance of sleep and how it permanently forge new connections between neurons. With adequate sleep one can certainly win the match. When an athlete is in deep sleep his or her brain works to trigger proper techniques and works out strategies that will help in winning the match. So, the person is sleeping but the brain is working.

Just like good training makes you a better sportsperson, a better sleep you can help to ace the match. Making a habit to have quality sleep will help you stay strong and healthy and to achieve success.

Here is a list that can help athletes to have a better sleep:
  • Say no to caffeine and alcohol: They both trigger insomnia which affects the quality of sleep.
  • Drink liquids only for hydration: Make sure you only drink liquid in a limited quality because large amounts of drinking can lead to disturbing sleep cycles.
  • Stay away from screens: Be it TV or Phones or Laptops they suppress the melatonin levels that make us sleepy. So, try to stay away from them.
  • Naps are best: If you feel tired because of inadequate sleep last night then taking a nap is a good idea. But try to avoid late- afternoon or evening nap because it will have an adverse impact on your night sleep.

Hope this information helps you to become a better athlete. For more such informative blogs visit our homepage.


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