Bonnell Spring vs Pocket Spring

October 28, 2021
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Which spring is better for you? Know the advantages of different mattress spring systems.

Also known as mattress coils, springs in mattresses support weight and also protect the mattress from wear and tear.

While Bonnell Springs are hourglass-shaped coils interconnected throughout the mattress, Pocket Sping systems have each coil unit encased in individual (unconnected) fabric pockets. Both constructions offer different advantages!

Here’s a quick summary so you can make an informed decision. Bonnell Springs are generally better for orthopedic support while Pocket Springs reduce movement transfer and help you sleep disturbance-free.

Bonnell Spring

Pocket Spring

Firm Mattress

Owing to its inter-connected wire coil technology, a Bonnell Spring mattress is firm in nature and gives consistent support throughout the bed surface.

Soft Mattress

The springs encased in individual and unconnected fabric pockets of the Pocket Spring mattress makes it less firm in comparison. This spring system has considerable amount of space in between, which allows it to be breathable and softer.

Steady Back Support

Provides excellent back support, making it ideal for old or heavier people who have a curvy body structure. It helps elevate & align the spine and surrounding muscles together giving steady support to the back.

Body Contouring Support

Provides support to various body curves as the springs move individually. Additionally, it gives sufficient support to the whole body as the pocket coils respond individually to different pressure points and weights of the body.


When pressure is applied to one side of the mattress, it is felt on all sides of the mattress. This means that if someone moves on one side of the bed, the other person will feel the movement on their side of the mattress as well.

Zero Partner Disturbance

When pressure is applied to any one side of the mattress, it is not felt in any other side of the mattress. This means that if one partner is tossing and turning on the bed, the other may not feel any movement on their side.

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