Benefits Of Tencel

December 16, 2021
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Eclipse’s Harmony Edge is designed with a special, silky smooth fiber surface that is a dream for sensitive skin. Tencel is softer than cotton and is even 50% more absorbent! It wicks away moisture from the skin and is naturally temperature regulating with high breathability.

The fabric has natural breathability, so the airflow prevents heat retention. It also absorbs moisture and dries quickly, which is a bonus for those prone to night sweats.

Tencel fabric has a natural wrinkle resistant quality that makes it look picture perfect at any time of the day.

This naturally produced smooth & silky fibre feels super soft and supple against the skin. Especially for people who have sensitive skin that is vulnerable to harsh fabrics, tencel’s the saviour.

The fabric’s moisture-wicking properties makes it less susceptible to bacteria growth, which causes allergic reactions and often leads to an unpleasant odour.

Naturally developed from tree cellulose, this premium fabric is sustainable and good for the environment too.

For the most hygienic sleep experience, explore Harmony Edge today.


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