Benefits of Bonnell Spring

November 02, 2021
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Shortcut to quality life? Good Sleep.

But the road to good sleep can be bumpy if you choose the wrong mattress! Bonnell Spring mattresses can help you achieve the smooth sleeping experience that you deserve.

Also known as open coil spring mattresses, Bonnell Springs are one of the most traditional and well-known types of innerspring mattress systems.

These hourglass -shaped steel wire coils unified using a metal wire. The springs move in tandem, offering a solid, sturdy structure and consistent support – great for sleepers that like comfortably rolling and turning!

Firm & Solid

Being an interconnected mesh of spring coils, the Bonnell spring system gives consistent support throughout the bed surface. The firmness of the mattress gives a solid support to the body.

Zero Sagging

The innerspring coils wound together support each other and prevent sagging. The surface stays flat despite any amount of pressure and this helps prevent sagging and deterioration of the internal springs and layers of foam.


The springs provide uniform support throughout the mattress irrespective of body weight and the number of people sleeping on it. Bonnell spring mattresses last for upto 10 years.

Provide Steady Back Support

This spring system particularly helps elevate & align the spine and surrounding muscles together, providing a steady support to the back. Excellent for old or overweight people who have a curvy or delicate body structure.

Explore Eclipse's range of spring mattresses developed with premium heavy gauge Bonnell Springs here.


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