Size Guide


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Premium Fibre Pillow
Our premium Fibre Pillow’s satin-stripe fabric is soft and supple, making it the simplest and most comfortable bedding accessory solution.
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Royal Pillow
Developed with micro-ployester and filled with micro fibre, the Royale Pillow is soft, flexible, and supportive.
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Gel Pillow
Our premium hypoallergic Microfibre Pillow is made with the finiest peach finish fabric, and delivers a truly luxurious sleeping experience.
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Latex Pillow
The Eclipse Latex Pillow is elastic yet supportive. Its inventive pinhole design and open cell structure allow for rapid air circulation, keeping you cool throughout the night.
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Memory Foam Pillow
Our Memory Foam Pillow prvides immense support, as its intelligent Visco Memory Foam adjusts its limber shape according to your sleeping position.
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Micro Fibre Pillow
The perfect combination of comfort and flexibilty, our Gel Pillows have a base of Visco Memory Foam and layers of innovative cool gel technology.
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