PATENTED COMBINATION OF NATURAL LATEX, MEMORY FOAM & HR Romance, like its namesake, is the bringing together of two people & their individual needs. The romance mattress uses a unique blend of Eclipse Natural Latex, Eclipse Visco Elastic Memory Foam, and High Resilience Foam, which takes those different needs into consideration. Our Patented technology of interchangeable inner layers provides multiple comfort levels in one single mattress by giving users the option to allow one half of the mattress to be firm and the other half to be plush, so you and your partner can sleep comfortably without having to forego your naps in the name of love. This mattress provides a relaxed and calm haven to unwind in after a long day, improving your sleep quality and awakening your senses with the sunrise.

  • Available in:
  • 6",
  • 8"
  • &
  • 10"


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